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Dadi Janki
(by phone to GCH),  23.6.2011, am

(after offering Mama’s bhog)

Keep a ‘present’ mark everyday and Mama and Baba will be ‘present’ with you.

Om Shanti.  Whether you are on the stage or not, what are you experiencing when sitting to offer bhog to Mama? Are you asking again and again ‘Mama where are you?’  There is the feeling that Mama is serving across the whole world, sustaining everyone.  Shiv Baba gave the knowledge through Brahma Baba, but Mama was the one who gave the practical experience of yoga.  Mama taught us how to inculcate everything…how to keep God in our heart and how to be seated in God’s heart.  Mama sustained us all very well, through having yoga and bringing us close to God through her spiritual attraction.  When we gave our hand to Mama, there was the feeling of so much current that we would experience being detached from the body instantly.  In Mama’s mind, intellect and sanskars there was One Baba and none other.  Mama’s angelic stage was such we received a current. 

Even now, if someone really wants to see, experience and know Mama, it is possible.  In today’s murli, Baba is saying that ‘God is not omnipresent’ but the feeling is that Mama is constantly ‘present’ in front of us.  Those children who keep a ‘present’ mark everyday, Mama and Baba are ‘present’ with them all the time.

So help and inspire one another.

Om Shanti
Dadi Janki – Om Shanti Bhavan – 23 June 2011

The Sweetness of Mama’s Accurate Sustenance

We are receiving sustenance from Baba and because Mama is also sustaining us even today, we call her the world mother. We don’t remember her as Ma; she is our mother.  Baba also called her Mama. 

Baba would say the Mother and Father gives you love, remembrance and good morning.   We would call Mama mother, and so Baba made us accurate by telling us to say Mother and Father to that One.  Baba was making our stage avyakt; sustaining us to make us introverted, concentrated and to have a stable intellect.

We never felt that Mama was the daughter of Baba. The older daughter takes on the role of being the mother to the younger brothers and sisters and we saw this in Mama.

Mama would listen to the knowledge and then immediately give the proof of it.  It is the ones who become worthy that give that proof.   Mama is the practical example and so it became easy for us to follow.  If you want to be a renounciate look at Mama.  If you wish to see an image of tapasya, then look at Mama   In renounciation and tapasya there is true service.

Be  knowledgeful, powerful and loveful.  To be knowledgeful is to be powerful as well as loveful.  There should not be even the slightest leakage.

Mama did a lot of service in Bangalore, playing a very good part of placing instruments in different places and to go from one place to another.  With great love and great truth, good sustenance was received and fragrance emanated from that.

When someone did something that was not accurate,  even if they did not accept that they had not been accurate, Mama spoke with so much love and said that a teaching is always good.  A teaching should always be light.  One should never have the thought of why am I being tested in this way, why was I given a lesson.  The Father is our Teacher. Mama would say that we keep a stock of medicine because who needs the medicine? We do.

Mama taught us so much.  Have we become the embodiment of that teaching or are we still being sustained?  We are sitting in Om Shanti Bhavan on the basis of that.  Whether you are sitting in Om Shanti Bhavan, Shantivan, Gyan Sarovar or the hospital they are all the result of Mama’s sustenance. Through truth and through her lightness, everything is there.

Our future should be clearly visible. Past is past - it is a good medicine. Now that you have the good medicine, whatever you have to do, do it now. You have the power.  You have the strength.

…………………Om Shanti……………………

Mohiniben’s Class
24th June, 2011

To be moved by spiritual relationships is something very special... I was never moved by a lokik relationships but was very moved by spiritual relationships.
Mama has this complete renunciation of “I”.  We all renounce “mine”, this is not mine, that is not mine... but to renounce I is something great.  She never took credit of her explanations.  When Mama talked, many became heirs and wanted to surrender or had visions of durga (goddesses) etc.  She always ack’d the source.
I remember when Dadi’s had to give public lectures, and we kumaris had come from some formal education and so we started telling the Dadi’s that in Hindi they need to use the term “I”, instead of the term “we” because that is proper Hindi!  But that is what Baba had trained them (to renounce I) and we thought there was some insufficiency in their Hindi, as they were used to speaking in Sindhi.  Anyway, we thought we were smart, but in fact it was their humility.  In the west we are told to speak from the “I” perspective since then we are being genuine and honest and humble... when you speak from the I perspective, instead of the royal we.  How often do we say I believe?  And I don’t feel the language.

Why are Dadi’s called Administrative Heads?  Rameshbhai said that in our constitution there is only one spiritual head and it’s God!  So everyone else has to be called spiritual leader and not Head.  So there is a fundamental reason why only God is called the Spiritual Head. 

Mama brings Baba’s love and teachings at every step.  Her stability was much appreciated.  All the time there are situations we have to go through but she was unshakeable.  We always talk of the power of faith, but where is the power?  Faith is power and victory.  Faith has to be used when there is confusion and doubt etc. 
Success is ordinary, victory is greater. Mama’s life was a symbol of faith.  It was so much faith. 

She would often say it’s accurate in the drama.  Not that Drama is accurate, but every scene in the drama is accurate.

Baba needed a truck in the yugya and so he told Mohiniben to go and talk to some people in the Military as they have old rejected trucks.  And Mohiniben had connections so spoke to them and struck a deal for 4,000 rupees for the first truck.

When there is personal opposition, Mama is not bothered.  We think she must he hurting, but not affected at all.  And we think it’s something we have to protect her from.  But no!  Certain situations pull your mind and then the intellect is pulled.  But I never saw Mama’s intellect pulled.  She made effort but was free from struggle.

Everyday our needs are reducing

Her relationship with God is reflected in all relationships. 

Whatever she did she was successful.  She was a big resource for the yugya, bringing “laxmi”  (wealth) into the yugya.  I should ask what can i contribute to the yugya apart from good wishes!

Baba told Mohiniben to get some more sugar during the rationing period after the partition, because her family was connected with the Government.  So they got sugar, rice, wheat.

Mama was saraswati, Goddess of knowledge and also Laxmi, Goddess of wealth.

Whenever you ask for something, you get a limited amount.  But when you have pure wishes, then it all comes.  We are all Raja Yogi’s and some Brahmins forget this.  Some people say that we are supposed to be more renunciates, without good beds and fans etc.  But they forget we are royal renunciates., Raja Yogi’s – we live with abundance. 

Mama always said Hanji.  Sometimes we think we have to say no because of some reason or another, or use our intellect, but no.  Mama always said Yes.  She wld say: Jiha, which means, I accept and also Hanji which means Yes!  She said Ji Ha more than Hanji.  Which meant, yes Baba i accept all that you say.

Mama gave a personal teaching once.  There was a big program in Delhi and Mama came first time to Delhi, she said toli was nice who made it.  Mohiniben said it was Didi Mohiniben who told us to make this toli as she was that zone incharge.  And Mama said, she told you, but you are the one who did the action.  You have to take responsibility at the end of the day, no matter who asks you to do something.  I am responsible!

Keep good relationships in service and service can happen easily and will expand.

Mama’s health was not good and the doctor said that if within 17 days we can get a certain injection from Germany then we can try and save her.  We did not know anyone in Germany and also we did not even know where Gemany was!  Actually for months Mama couldn’t lie straight on the bed, she had to sleep in certain positions with help of pillows... we knew the body must be in pain but it did not show on mama’s face.  Her face was so yogi... many Dadi’s would go and sit with her, around her, and as with many stories, the doctor would come and ask who is the patient here!  He couldn’t see anyone sick.  Many of us would ask Mama about her part and future, because she knew would leave the body... and Mama was undisturbed... she said, coming is fixed and going is fixed in the drama.  She was so much with Baba and powerful... we only realise how much power we have when we are in crisis.  So with Mama, she has so much power of accommodation.
Baba would ask us to check our accounts and we were so shy cos not enough accumulated.  Remembrance is so easy and yet so difficult.  How do i make my remembrance natural.

We have to make our sanskars satoguni.  Satoguni sanskars means a soul doesn’t interfere or criticise etc.  Stay in your honesty and truth and keep sato qualities.
She woke up early at 2am but she was never stressed!  She ran the yugya all day.  She never said there is not enough time or no time.  We say we don’t have time.  During Baba’s time, everything would finish by 9pm and we would turn on our red lights and prepare to go up to the soul world.  So this our memory of packing everything in the centre by 9pm and going into silence and stop all worldly distractions.  Nowadays people sit on the internet and emails, and then amritvela suffers!

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